Cauldron Stirring in Progress!

twowitches122 March 2017

Sooo… stirring the cauldron of witchy details has kept me quite busy lately. Phew! Despite the busy-ness, we are actually moving a bit more slowly this year because our theme – The Witching Hour – is a LOT of fun to work with, but because I’m persnickety and want to introduce something a bit different into each event, I’ve been on the search for all the perfect little pieces. It’s really been a lot of fun looking at all of the options but it has taken a bit more time than in previous years! Obviously that means website updates are still in progress as we finalize things. Our volunteers are being called up one by one to pitch in as we roll on toward October. Six months is not much time left to get everything wrapped up, after all… but we will get there!

On the planning front, I’m thrilled to report that we’re finally closing in on wrapping up the choice for this year’s band and will be featuring them on the Home page very soon. Our Ancestor Ritual will take place in the Courtyard as well, and there’s more plans in progress to make this year’s NOWB a lot of fun! Overall, lots of witchy goodness is forthcoming, so do make your plans to attend this year!

Most of you have given us a “Like” on Facebook – and we do encourage you to visit and share our page! – but did you know that we’re on Twitter too? Give us a follow at @NOLAWitches to keep up with the latest happenings!

I’ll be back here soon with another update on what’s happening with the NOWB, and also coming up too is our first “Sponsor Spotlight” for 2017. The NOWB is supported by some fabulous people and I’m excited to be showcasing them and their businesses. I continue to be humbled and amazed at the generosity and support they’ve shown the NOWB and I want you to meet them!

Until next time…cairtiltred